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At Island Dogs we use ethical, science-supported and up-to-date training methods.

Positive reinforcement is not only the most effective training approach, it also builds strong, trusting relationships. Your dog will respond appropriately to your requests because they want to, not because they are afraid of the consequences, nor because they are bribed.  

Island Dogs adheres to LIMA (Least intrusive Minimally Aversive); a code of practice that has been adopted by most leading dog training associations and is promoted by animal welfare and veterinarian organisations. This includes the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)

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Working from Home

It seems that we can do everything 'virtually' these days!

Including dog training.

Coaching people to train their dogs is remarkably well suited to zoom meetings providing a few essentials are in place.

You'll need reliable internet service and a place where you can set up your camera so that I have a good view of you and your dog in a well lit area, it needn't be a huge space.

Our first virtual session will be our Orientation Class. In this class we'll have ample time to tweak the technology. It's also a chance to introduce ourselves, run through the how, what & why of what we shall be doing, and I'll set you up with homework to ease you and your dog into your training plan.

If you are unfamiliar with zoom meetings, or have other concerns, please get in touch, I'll be happy to help.



We may choose to meet in person for some of our sessions.

These meetings will follow current health guidelines and will only take place in a way that all parties are completely comfortable.

They may be at your home, outside or perhaps while walking your dog.

We always have the flexibility to switch to virtual meetings should we choose. Whatever the circumstances, your training plan can continue uninterrupted.

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some virtual
Private Classes . Scheduled to suit . All family members can join (or not) . No travel . Less time to attend Your Dog is more relaxed . Less Distractions . Real life Setting . We can record and review, if you want .




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Stephanie Waddington - BA (Hons), KPA-CTP
Dog training is currently an unregulated industry. It pays to exercise due diligence when choosing a trainer and look carefully at which certifications are claimed.


Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP):

The Karen Pryor Academy is one of the leading and most internationally recognised dog training educational programs. Those with the designation Certified Training Partner have demonstrated excellence in technical knowledge and training skills. KPA CTPs also adhere to one of the highest Standards of Practice and commit to ongoing education.

KPA Certified:
    Dog Trainer Professional
    Puppy Start Right Instructor
    Dog Trainer Foundations
    Shelter Training & Enrichment
DogSafe Canine First Aid Certified, Levels I & II

IAABC  - International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
PPG - The Pet Professional Guild
PACTA BC  - Professional Animal Care & Training Association of BC (previously VIATA) Former Director at Large, Marketing Committee Chair. Current Professional member.

Cowichan Canine Behaviour & Training Ltd: Instructor
BC SPCA: Animal Care Assistant, volunteer.

The science behind positive reinforcement has been around for decades, yet the way we apply that science to modern dog training, and our knowledge and understanding of dogs, continues to grow and improve.
Committed to keeping up with the latest advancements of dog training, I regularly attend webinars, seminars, workshops and conferences such as:
Clicker Expo
The Lemonade Conference
Chicken Camp with Terry Ryan
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