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For Every Dog!

Teach boisterous scallywags FOCUS &
Wannabe wolves can learn to LISTEN & RESPOND
Shrinking violets can blossom into JOYFUL & CONFIDENT dogs
For Puppies age 8 - 16 weeks

Topics include:

House training . Crate training

Mouthing / Nipping . Chewing . Digging

Introduction to Basic Manners Training


Novel Objects . Movement . Sounds . Surfaces

People, dogs & other animals . Grooming tools &  Handling

Learn creative and safe ways to provide your puppy with appropriate, positive introductions to the world.


4 virtual classes

add 2 classes for extra Basic Manners:

6 virtual classes
Private 1:1 Tuition

Information Sheets

Customised Homework

Socialisation Tracker


While we are social distancing and staying at home, it's even more important to adequately socialise our puppies.

The window for effective socialisation is short, please enroll in this course (or other)  as soon as possible.

For more about Puppy Socialisation see the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour's Position Statement:



For Dogs over 16 weeks

Customised Packages

Choose from a selection of skills:

Reliable come when called . Sit . Down . Stay

Loose Leash Walking . Leave It . Polite Greetings

Settle to a mat/crate . Polite Walking

Wait Politely at a door/curb

Pay attention, even when distracted

Emergency Recall

Together we develop a Training Plan.

The number of skills will determine the number of training packages needed.

Suited to Virtual & In-Person sessions

First session is Orientation and Virtual Set-Up.

Package of 6 sessions

Plus 2 weeks free email aftercare & support
Private 1:1 Coaching
Custom Training Plan

Instructional Sheets

Homework Tracker

* Travel costs may apply




For Experienced Dogs and Owners
Build on the foundation skills you already have

Precision . Speed . Latency . Fluency

Reliability . Stimulus Control

Distance . Duration . Distractions


Just a bit rusty?

Polish those skills that have become a little tarnished.

Suited to Virtual & In-Person sessions

First session is Base-line assessment & Virtual Set-Up.

Package of 6 sessions
Private 1:1 Coaching
Custom Training Plan
Instructional Sheets
Progress Tracker
* Travel costs may apply
Troubleshooting Behaviour Issues
for Dogs over16 weeks
Includes issues such as:
Jumping . Barking . Chewing . Digging
Counter surfing - taking food
Running off with objects - slippers, socks, glasses
Over-enthusiastic greetings - with people or dogs
Shy, timid or fearful - with people or dogs
Dislike of handling or equipment - grooming / harness
Fear of Vet visits . Sound sensitivity
Aggressive looking behaviour - barking, growling, lunging
Resource guarding - food / people / places
Inappropriate dog/dog interaction - rough play / rolling on back
$75 +

Most of these issues are straightforward to resolve. It may require as little as one session and a quick follow-up.

Others many need a few sessions. 

Some may need referral to a Certified Behaviourist.

Often issues that seem insurmountable can be resolved quite simply when you have the right training plan

Please CONNECT to arrange a FREE 20 minute consultation to determine the best course of action to find your Savvy Solution

For Recent Adopters
(adopted within 4 weeks of contact)
We know our new companions are safe & loved yet for many rescued dogs, adjusting to a new home, and perhaps a new country or culture, is not an easy task.
Often their rehabilitation begins once they are adopted, and sometimes unexpected behaviours only appear after the 'Honeymoon' period is over.
Learn some of the ways we can help our new rescue dogs feel safe & comfortable as they settle into their new lives.
2 Virtual / In-Person
Proof of recent adoption required
* Travel costs may apply
For those who are too busy, or otherwise unable to train their dogs
Let me train your dog for you!
I train your dog at your home, once the training plan is complete I'll teach you the necessary skills to maintain your dog's new skills.
You can choose the skills you want your dog to learn just same as the Mindful Manners package. Some of the Savvy Solutions are appropriate too. 
Visits may be combined with feeding and potty breaks for added value.
Minimum of six sessions
$100 / session*
Weekly progress reports.
Hand-over session with written instruction upon completion.
Plus 2 weeks free email aftercare & support
* Travel costs may apply